Alaska Affordable Energy Model

The Alaska Affordable Energy Model (AAEM) is a model designed by the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and built by the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ (UAF) Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA). The goal of the AAEM is to provide Alaska with a community energy model and project evaluation tool. It uses community and regional energy data, fuel data, and socio-economic data to:

  • estimate and forecast heating and electricity consumption by sector,
  • compare the ability of energy infrastructure project types (efficiency, renewable energy, fuel switching) to reduce the cost of energy in communities,
  • determine the capital investment needed and the resulting energy savings to communities.

Disclaimer: The results presented in the model results are generated from available data on population, consumption, generation, and information on a technologies analyzed. For some communities this information may be incomplete. If you have, or know of a source of data that could help improve the model please contact The Alaska Energy Authority .

Resources with more details on the Alaska Affordable Energy Model

Installing the model locally

A Windows package is offered for version 1.0.0 that installes the v1.0.0 model and model data. Installer and instructions can be found at installer wiki page.